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It’s best to keep your distributions even

Having spent years both creating and providing top calibre blank mould gauges, we have become the go to company for those who require these specialist tools. Whenever clients approach us asking for merchandise, our thorough understanding of their needs ensures that we can supply them with a fitting solution. With moulds being increasingly sought after across the earth, our customer base continues to expand. In fact, it is showing no signs of slowing down. Continue reading “It’s best to keep your distributions even” »

There’s no need to get bent out of shape

An inspection of I.S. Mould Machinery cannot be accomplished with just any old tool, it demands something fit for the purpose. It is here where our business stands out from the crowd; we are widely known around the world for our mould reamer products. If you believe that one of these fine devices would benefit you, then we are most definitely the people you will want to speak with. Continue reading “There’s no need to get bent out of shape” »

The glass container bottom need not be thick

Our company is one that has been a part of the glass container industry for thirty years, an achievement we are very proud of. As time has passed, we have dedicated our efforts to supplying customers with specialist tools designed to keep their mould equipment in check. The neckring profile gauges are some of our most prized utensils and always come in handy whenever you need to measure your moulds accurately. Continue reading “The glass container bottom need not be thick” »

Even particles can be irritating

Having spent years working with neckring profile gauges, we’ve become something of an authority on them. Not only this, but due to our experience with them, we have come to know what it is that customers expect to gain from purchasing one. Therefore, if what you’re currently seeking is a first class utensil, we are the people you will want to get in touch with. Continue reading “Even particles can be irritating” »

No container should possess a flanged bottom

If you are currently after a high quality mould reamer, then you have come to the right place. As a market leader in the design and production of these and similar utensils, we see to it that every one of them is able to fulfil their intended purposes without fail. Available in an array of sizes, we’re confident that you will find reamers that are suitable for various applications. Continue reading “No container should possess a flanged bottom” »

Your ware shouldn’t be dirty

When it comes to blank mould gauges, no one can provide products that are on the same level as ours. As a market leader in both the production and design of these fine utensils, we see to it that they are able to meet the requirements demanded by their users. Available for a suitable price and coming in numerous sizes, our gauges are certain to satisfy your requirements. Continue reading “Your ware shouldn’t be dirty” »

Can you notice the black spots?

No other company is quite able to reach the level that we can when it comes to the designing and manufacturing of mould gauge equipment. Since container producers are now purchasing moulds on a global scale, it’s imperative that the correct procedures are followed, and the best way to do that is with first-class tools. With the likes of our blank mould gauges backing you up, you’re certain to meet all the right requirements. Continue reading “Can you notice the black spots?” »

Lean towards a better base

As a market leader in the creation of mould gauge equipment, the tools that we have in stock are unsurpassed by any others. The mould reamers in particular are a well-known part of our merchandise and come in a plethora of sizes in order to meet the vastly distinct requirements each customer has. Available for a reasonable price and with a driving wrench if requested, our gadgets are the ones you should choose. Continue reading “Lean towards a better base” »

Check your base

As a market leader in the creation of mould gauge apparatus, we do everything in our power to ensure that customers receive only the best of products. Specialising in neckring profile gauges, as well as many other tools, we have all the tools you will need to preserve the efficiency of your machinery. Available in numerous sizes, the merchandise we offer can fulfil a wide assortment of requirements. Continue reading “Check your base” »

Don’t be baffled by baffle markings

With glass container manufacturing being as big a business as it is, you’re going to need the right equipment to ensure that your goods come out looking fantastic. The utensils that we supply aim to make this process a simple one, including our popular range of neckring profile gauges. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, our specialist tool is able to meet all sorts of customer requirements. Continue reading “Don’t be baffled by baffle markings” »