The trouble with hot and panel checks

Being specialists in the glass container industry, we know how essential it is for your utensils to perform at their absolute best. It is for this reason why we cater for specific needs, including for clients seeking a bespoke mould reamer, one of the gadgets required for the assessment of I.S. Mould Equipment during both the manufacturing stages and the mould repair procedure. Well priced and available in a multitude of sizes, our reamers have the potential to fulfil all sorts of requirements.

Glass container creation is no walk in the park; there are numerous things that can go wrong while your operations are taking place. Hot or panel checks are some of the issues you can encounter. They are deep V-shaped cracks that exist in the container body on either the side or edge and go through the wall. To stop this from happening to your own merchandise, you need to make certain that everything is functioning properly.

If glass ends up becoming too hot in the feeder, the checks can manifest. The solution here is a simple one however; all you have to do is regulate the glass temperature.

Should your machine’s speed be too great, then this too can result in the checks. Yet again, the answer to this problem is easy. A quick adjustment of the speed levels will set things straight.

When you choose to air off the mould close too soon, you can end up with a defective product. To avoid this air off your mould close later on.

If the exhaust hole that lies on the interior cooling blow head arm is to small in size checks can appear on your container. Try using a bigger exhaust hole on your blow head arm instead.

At Penico Gauges we can create a mould reamer in two variants; High Speed Steel and Carbide Tipped. The former is more useful when dealing with cast iron moulds, whereas the latter is appropriate for when you have to work on bronze moulds.

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