The steps to preventing swung baffle

As the market leader in the designing and production of mould gauge utensils, we are proud to offer our clients a service that is unrivalled by anyone else. As moulds are being purchased the world over by container manufacturers, the requirement that the proper inspection and manufacturing operations be followed is more crucial than ever, which is where our merchandise comes in. Stocking a variety of high performance equipment, our company is the one to call whenever you need products that you can rely on such as a bespoke mould reamer.

When a glass container is created, numerous defects can ruin the final product. Swung baffle is just one of them. This is where the baffle marking has swung over to one of your container’s sides and isn’t central in its lower section. The principal causes of this fault stem from problems with your machine set up, feeder, and mould equipment, so each should be checked thoroughly before any major procedure begins.

With your feeder, if the glass is too hot whilst going through it your container could end up with swung baffle. To prevent this from occurring, simply alter the feeder’s temperature to more appropriate levels.

If the speed of invert is too much in your machine set up this can also result in the flaw. What you must do here is not only correct the speed, but that of the final cushioning as well.

If the issue lies in an inadequate parison stretch in your blow mould prior to the last blow taking place, then either advance the invert or delay the final blow’s time. When the neck ring opens too quickly or wider than necessary at transfer, change the neck ring opening for distance and speed before you end up with swung baffle.

At Penico Gauges, the mould reamer equipment we create comes in multiple sizes, which enable them to fulfil an agglomeration of customer specifications. In addition to the sizes listed on our website, special ones can also be produced upon request, with a driving wrench also being available if it’s required. If there is something we can do to assist you, please let us know.