Preventing the snag that is bird cage

The reamers and moulds that are supplied by our team are built especially for the examination of I.S. Mould Equipment during its creation and throughout the entire repair procedure. Furthermore, our utensils also offer you the basis for proper interlocking fits, which ensures mould interchangeability, a vital requirement for optimising mould life and enhancing the I.S. mechanism’s effectiveness. Specialising in blank mould gauges, we are the ones to call when you need top notch equipment.

Bird cage, also known as bird swing, is when a string of glass extends from across your container’s interior. Bird cages from side to side originate from the back section and from the front for seam to seam. Issues with your mould hardware are likely to be the cause of this and similar issues. It is therefore best to check it beforehand to make certain that nothing is out of place.

With your machines, it could be that too much cooling wind is being utilised, which is blowing the glass sides together prior to the final blow beginning. Improper cooling nozzles may also have been used in this time. What you must do here is make sure that the cooling air doesn’t blow away the parison before the invert occurs and make use of cooling nozzles that possess bigger slots.

If it’s the mould apparatus that is the problem chances are that there’s an inadequate venting of blank transpiring. To rectify this predicament, heighten the hollow venting and scraping, or the mould and blank faces.

At Penico the blank mould gauges that we have in stock are made using only supreme materials and manufacturing methods. To certify that every component is as effective as possible, they are all of precise design, and are created in fulfilment to ISO 9001:2000 international standards.

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