No one likes a wrinkly container

As a market leader in the designing and creation of mould gauge tools, you can be assured that our products are some of the best available. Since the reamers and gauges offered by us provide the cornerstone for proper interlocking fits, mould interchangeability is practically ensured. If you’re aiming to enhance the mould life, as well as the performance of your I.S. machinery, then our blank mould gauges, not to mention our other utensils, are the perfect choice for you.

Various body defects can show up on glass containers, with lap marks being one of them. Also known as wrinkles, this is where a minor fold appears on the glass; they are normally horizontal in nature. In certain instances, these markings can also be found in the finish. If lap marks are an issue for you, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with the machines that you’re using.

If an inconsistent gob drop exists, then your merchandise may end up with lap marks. The first thing you must do here is inspect your shear instrument as it could have worn out. Alternatively, the plunger might have loosened within the holder. Should either problem be present, fix them in the appropriate manner.

When cords show up within close proximity to the glass exterior wrinkles could easily end up being the outcome. Have a look at the state of your cords and if you determine that there’s an error, rectify it if you are able to. An uneven blank temperature can also cause lap marks. To avoid any complications, simply apply an even amount of cooling to each of the blank mould halves.

At Penico Gauges, our blank mould gauges come in a vast array of sizes, allowing them to fulfil a plethora of customer requirements. Very simple to use and calibrated to a professional standard in-house, clients can have confidence the measurements they deliver are accurate.

If our gauges have attracted your attention and you’d like additional details, please get into contact with us.