Glass blisters need more than a simple popping

The products that our company creates and distributes are essential aspects of I.S. Mould Equipment inspection during production and the mould repair operations. Our reamers and gauges offer you the basis for the proper interlocking fits, which ensure mould interchangeability. This is a crucial characteristic for augmenting the mould’s life, as well as the efficiency of your mechanics. Stocking a wide selection of top calibre neckring profile gauges, we are the people to visit if you ever require such specialist tools.

All sorts can go wrong whilst producing a glass container; you need to remain vigilant at all times to prevent them. Blisters are a notable example of what happen when your gear isn’t set up adequately enough and are basically large bubbles in the glass. This gives them a somewhat similar appearance to the blistering that we humans suffer from. In order to stop this defect from manifesting, we suggest that you look at your feeder for signs of failure.

If unknown matter or some type of contamination is present within the forehearth channel, it could cause your product to end up being a blistered. To prevent this from occurring, simply drain the forehearth channel and things should go smoothly. Cold glass that exists on the channel walls or feeder plunger can also result in blisters. If this issue is causing you distress, heighten the fire levels in your spout.

It might be that there’s a sparse amount of heat around your plunger. Should this be the case, lower or increase your plunger’s height and correct your gob’s shape and weight. During certain scenarios, the orifice ring may require a replacement too.

At Penico Gauges, the neckring profile gauges that we stock are incredibly handy for examining a neckring’s dovetail profile. With their Go and No Go profile, it’s easy to tell when the dovetail is correct and when it needs some adjustment, as the Go side only passes over the profile when your dovetail is accurate.

If our merchandise has caught your attention and you’d like more details, we’d be happy to offer assistance.