Don’t bruise your containers

As the market leader in both the design and production of mould gauge utensils for the glass container industry, we are people to depend on whenever you require specialist equipment. Stocking the likes of blank mould gauges as well as a host of other tools, we aim to make your usual operations more cost effective and quicker to perform. Available in an array of sizes, our gauges can fulfil a myriad of customer specifications.

When manufacturing a glass container, a number of things can go wrong and your product might end up with its fair share of defects. Bruise checks are one such defect, being shallow and fine checks that show up on the container’s body. To help in preventing this from becoming an issue for you, we’ve come up with some advice on how to utilise your equipment properly.

For your machine set up and operation, if there’s more than one cavity apparatus present, takeout could be coming out over your deadplate in an excessively hasty manner. This can lead to bottles swinging and colliding with one another at the contact point. In order to rectify this problem, simply adjust the takeout in the necessary way.

With the conveyor, there could be an inadequate setting of pusher cams or worn out pusher arms that are leading to unpredictable pushing. If this is the case, either correct your pusher cam settings or replace your old pusher arms. Should your pusher arm materials prove to be inappropriate, then this may result in some bruise checks. What you must do here is make use of some non-ferrous substance. However, if you’re using steel, cover the arms with a carbon-based medium.

The blank mould gauges we stock are widely considered amongst our clients to be some of the finest in the industry. During the years that we’ve spent doing business with our customers, we’ve come to understand exactly what it is that they desire from us. With this knowledge, not only have we been able to produce quality merchandise, but also offer an outstanding degree of customer service.

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