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Lean towards a better base

As a market leader in the creation of mould gauge equipment, the tools that we have in stock are unsurpassed by any others. The mould reamers in particular are a well-known part of our merchandise and come in a plethora of sizes in order to meet the vastly distinct requirements each customer has. Available for a reasonable price and with a driving wrench if requested, our gadgets are the ones you should choose. Continue reading “Lean towards a better base” »

Check your base

As a market leader in the creation of mould gauge apparatus, we do everything in our power to ensure that customers receive only the best of products. Specialising in neckring profile gauges, as well as many other tools, we have all the tools you will need to preserve the efficiency of your machinery. Available in numerous sizes, the merchandise we offer can fulfil a wide assortment of requirements. Continue reading “Check your base” »

Don’t be baffled by baffle markings

With glass container manufacturing being as big a business as it is, you’re going to need the right equipment to ensure that your goods come out looking fantastic. The utensils that we supply aim to make this process a simple one, including our popular range of neckring profile gauges. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, our specialist tool is able to meet all sorts of customer requirements. Continue reading “Don’t be baffled by baffle markings” »

What to do about thin ware

The glass container industry is one that has no room for error. One blemish and the goods are ruined, meaning that you have to do everything possible to ensure that your machinery functions properly. We have a solution thankfully and it comes in the form of our blank mould gauges. Available in a myriad of sizes, our tools are able to meet a wide variety of specifications, making them a must have for any professional. Continue reading “What to do about thin ware” »

Sinking to the side

As the market leader in the development and production of mould reamer equipment we make it a point to provide customers with nothing less than top calibre merchandise. Our products supply you with the foundation for obtaining the right interlocking fits for moulds. If you are aiming to enhance your I.S. Machine’s effectiveness and mould life, then these utensils are an investment you should seriously consider making. Continue reading “Sinking to the side” »

It’s no good having particles stick to your container

With the glass container industry being as expansive as it is, manufacturers require the right tools in order to keep their products in good standing. This includes our mould gauge equipment, tools that have been produced especially for the examination of I.S. mould gear during its creation and all through the repair operation. Stocking neckring profile gauges and a selection of other equipment, we are the people to rely on for all of your specialist needs. Continue reading “It’s no good having particles stick to your container” »

There’s a spike in my glass!

As a market leader in the development and production of blank mould gauges, we make it a point to only supply top calibre merchandise. Since moulds are now being purchased on a global scale for container manufacturers, it’s imperative that the appropriate inspection and manufacturing practices are followed, and this is where our tools come in. We are one of the standout suppliers in the whole world so you can expect great quality. Continue reading “There’s a spike in my glass!” »

Check your letters

With I.S. Mould Equipment, you must ensure that it operates at maximum capacity. In order to do this, you will need specialist tools to assist with its inspection, namely, a high calibre mould reamer. Supplying users with the groundwork for the proper interlocking fits, which see to it that mould interchangeability is achieved, Penico products should be your first and only consideration. Continue reading “Check your letters” »

No one likes a wrinkly container

As a market leader in the designing and creation of mould gauge tools, you can be assured that our products are some of the best available. Since the reamers and gauges offered by us provide the cornerstone for proper interlocking fits, mould interchangeability is practically ensured. If you’re aiming to enhance the mould life, as well as the performance of your I.S. machinery, then our blank mould gauges, not to mention our other utensils, are the perfect choice for you. Continue reading “No one likes a wrinkly container” »

The trouble with hot and panel checks

Being specialists in the glass container industry, we know how essential it is for your utensils to perform at their absolute best. It is for this reason why we cater for specific needs, including for clients seeking a bespoke mould reamer, one of the gadgets required for the assessment of I.S. Mould Equipment during both the manufacturing stages and the mould repair procedure. Well priced and available in a multitude of sizes, our reamers have the potential to fulfil all sorts of requirements. Continue reading “The trouble with hot and panel checks” »