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There’s a spike in my glass!

As a market leader in the development and production of blank mould gauges, we make it a point to only supply top calibre merchandise. Since moulds are now being purchased on a global scale for container manufacturers, it’s imperative that the appropriate inspection and manufacturing practices are followed, and this is where our tools come in. We are one of the standout suppliers in the whole world so you can expect great quality. Continue reading “There’s a spike in my glass!” »

Check your letters

With I.S. Mould Equipment, you must ensure that it operates at maximum capacity. In order to do this, you will need specialist tools to assist with its inspection, namely, a high calibre mould reamer. Supplying users with the groundwork for the proper interlocking fits, which see to it that mould interchangeability is achieved, Penico products should be your first and only consideration. Continue reading “Check your letters” »

No one likes a wrinkly container

As a market leader in the designing and creation of mould gauge tools, you can be assured that our products are some of the best available. Since the reamers and gauges offered by us provide the cornerstone for proper interlocking fits, mould interchangeability is practically ensured. If you’re aiming to enhance the mould life, as well as the performance of your I.S. machinery, then our blank mould gauges, not to mention our other utensils, are the perfect choice for you. Continue reading “No one likes a wrinkly container” »

Don’t bruise your containers

As the market leader in both the design and production of mould gauge utensils for the glass container industry, we are people to depend on whenever you require specialist equipment. Stocking the likes of blank mould gauges as well as a host of other tools, we aim to make your usual operations more cost effective and quicker to perform. Available in an array of sizes, our gauges can fulfil a myriad of customer specifications. Continue reading “Don’t bruise your containers” »

The best ways to prevent loading marks

As a market leader in the design and creation of mould gauge equipment, we make it a point to ensure that our products meet all the necessary standards. Specialising in manufacturing mould reamer and gauging components, as well as a slew of other utensils, we aim to provide you with the means to successfully maintain your machinery. Available in a multitude of sizes and with an exceptional price tag, our reamers are the ones to choose. Continue reading “The best ways to prevent loading marks” »

Sunken shoulders can ruin glass containers

Since moulds are being sought after on a global scale in today’s world, it’s imperative that the right inspection and manufacturing procedures are followed. As a market leader in the design and creation of tools for these processes, including the likes of blank mould gauges, it shouldn’t surprise you that our products are some of the most revered available. Exceptionally priced and coming in a multitude of sizes, our gauges should be your first choice. Continue reading “Sunken shoulders can ruin glass containers” »

Don’t let the neck of glass containers bend

The mould gauge equipment created by Penico is designed to maximise accuracy when it comes to measuring moulds. The components that we supply, including our blank mould gauges, give you the basis for accurate interlocking fits, which ensure interchangeability. Coming in various sizes, our gauges are able to fulfil a host of requirements. Continue reading “Don’t let the neck of glass containers bend” »

How finish inspections are conducted

As a market leader in both the designing and manufacturing of maintenance equipment for moulds, it should come as no surprise that our products are top quality. The mould reamer in particular is a handy tool, created especially for I.S. Mould Equipment inspections during both its manufacture and the mould repair operation. Available in multiple sizes and materials, we are confident that we have reamers to suit any needs. Continue reading “How finish inspections are conducted” »

All you need to know about the split finish

When it comes to the manufacture and designing of mould gauge merchandise, no one performs to a better standard than we do. Neckring profile gauges forms part of our stock. They are used for the inspections of a neckring’s dovetail, ensuring it is accurate. Available in numerous sizes and for a reasonable price, our gauges are some of the finest products that you’ll find on the market. Continue reading “All you need to know about the split finish” »