Are cold moulds becoming a bother?

Being a market leader when it comes to the production of mould gauge utensils, we have to take the necessary steps to ensure that our merchandise possesses all the right qualities. The reamers and gauges that we supply are created specifically for the assessment of I.S. Mould Equipment, not only during their creation, but also throughout the whole mould repair procedure. Supplying high calibre blank mould gauges, as well as a multitude of other products, we are the people to call if you require such specialist equipment.

Glass container production is not without its hardships. A number of problems can arise and cold moulds are amongst them. Anyone involved in this industry will know of this but for those who don’t, this is where your container ends up having a wavy or dappled appearance on its body. There are scores of reasons as to why these defects occur and if you don’t want them on your own products, you should pay attention to the advice that we’ve prepared.

If the issue lies with the feeder, then chances are that the glass is either too cold, or there is an uneven gob temperature. What you must do here is alter the glass temperature levels if it is the former problem, or balance the forehearth’s temperature if it’s the latter. This shall prevent the gob from curling and causing any cold moulds.

With the machine set up and operation, cold moulds could be the result of one of a series of complications. For instance, you can’t have a machine speed that’s too minute, as this will ruin your product. Nor can you have the blanks operating at too cold a temperature, so you need to lower the cooling air on your blank.

At Penico, our blank mould gauges come in a selection of sizes. This permits them to fulfil many unique customer requirements. Well priced and comprised of first class materials, ours are the perfect products for you. If our tools interest you and you’d like to know more about how they work, you’re more than welcome to ask us any questions on them.